Our mission

is to deliver access to financial services to the people of Laos, all people

What is Pay+?

Pay+ is a licensed money transfer company that operats a sophisticated e-money system (approved by Bank of Lao P.D.R.) using mobile phones and over an agent network.


Transferring money anywhere there is a Pay+ agent only takes 2 minutes. If you use our Pay+ app, its happens immediately!


Our Pay+ system uses the latest cybersecurity safeguards to ensure that your money is safe and accessible at all times. With an e-wallet that is PIN secured, you do not have to carry cash with you at all times.


Our agents are located in convenient, easy to access locations throughout major town centres. Our hotline is also available to assist you from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. With an e-wallet, you do not have to worry about having access to more funds when you need it for shopping!


Our fees are one of the lowest and we offer you the value of saving time, use at your convenience and security.

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